Several options for the support of our fundraising goal are available:

Cockpit flight

For each flight leg both cockpit seats can be booked. The donation total is calculated accordingly to the flight duration. A list with all available legs and the donation can be found here. The red boxes are booked seats. Please take the date and time (UTC!) of the flights into account, because we fly 24/7.

Because of the tight flight plan at this event, we recommend only experienced virtual pilots to book a flight. All flights are done with virtual air traffic control on VATSIM. There is no possibility for flight lessons during the event.

For booking, please contact us directly.


For viewers of our livestream we have placed a donation button directly below the stream. If you like the stream and/or the ADAC Luftrettung organization, please feel free to donate!


Visitors in our simulator are always welcome. You can watch our pilots from the passenger seat. The recommended donation for visitors is 10 Euro.

The whole event is organizied privately, therefore we are not allowed to provide donation confirmations (e.g. for tax declaration). All donations will be transfered to ADAC Luftrettung after the event is finished. A detailed report with the donation receipt by ADAC Luftrettung will be published on our website.

  • All donations will be transfered to 100% to ADAC Luftrettung – All operational costs are covered by the organizers
  • Paypal fees are covered by the organizers